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"Among The Stars"
Acrylic paint, acrylic marker
09 - Among the stars.jpg

This painting is like a portal open to the infinite universe where you can look.


Soon, we get lost in it so much we are absorbed by the magnificence of its brilliance. I realized it when I was researching the birth of nebulae and space. Seen from the ground, it seems that the streetlights are just as bright as the stars.


Although we observe it from below, space conceals a fascinating mystery that I have sought to render through the contrast in this painting: the backdrop of the universe is totally black and yet nothing is really bathed in darkness because in fact, in this distant and unknown sky, everything crackles with colors, everything explodes and sparkles.


It is for me such a captivating subject, inexhaustible and which has my admiration.

Dimensions: 73 x 92cm

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