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Acrylic paint
20 - Bifröst.jpg

Dimensions: 100 x 100cm



In Norse mythology, "Bifröst" was called the rainbow bridge or "glittering path" that connected the worlds. 

What more intriguing and exciting theme for a painter who draws her inspiration from dreams and the most extraordinary colors?


Imagination is the continuous flow that animates me and the colors swirl and walk endlessly on this captivating painting. But what does it really represent?


Each of my paintings is a world in its own right, a unique and inexhaustible world. So what could be the bridge capable of uniting them? Able to make us walk and travel through the artistic cosmos of my soul? 

This painting is for me the key.


The dreamlike gateway opening to all these worlds of imagination and wonders that originated at the source of my heart.

I unite them here, I link them through this scintillating, infinite, dazzling path...


In short, this painting is unique, it is for the moment the central point of my universe and it is full of all possible light. 

Will you let yourself be transported, too?

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