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"Burning Tree"
Acrylic paint, acrylic marker
18 - Burning Tree.jpg

Size: 50 x 100cm


"Burning Tree" is a painting that I created following the death of a close friend of a friend.

I felt a lot of compassion for her during this event and it inspired me to create this powerful representation of a tree on fire. It's on fire but it's not burning. 

Although some of its branches are weakened, they lose none of their beauty and magnificence. 

Although some branches spill over the ground, the tree does not wobble. It remains upright and continues to extend its crown towards the sky, healing its wounds, repairing its branches to raise them again towards infinity.

In fact, whatever tragic events we may encounter in our lives, we can be like that one tree that does not yield to the flames. He gives hope.

The fire is present but the tree has extraordinary strength, determination and resilience.

It is the symbol that we can choose to resist the incandescence of trials... 

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