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"Starry Flowers"

Acrylic paint, marker acrylic

07 - Fleurs étoilées.jpg

I made this painting in the middle of a bereavement. I woke up one morning with the colorful background etched in my mind, like an indelible dream. It was absolutely necessary that I paint what I had seen! It was a work of sublimation of my past.


The frame is set in the privacy of an unborn child. The warm and welcoming walls that offered themselves to me, but also the struggle to cling to them.


I have the feeling that from the most secret place of its mother's womb, a child must fight for life, because whatever happens, parts of its history are already being traced, taking root in the vestiges of the past, as much as in the framework in which it will be born.


But it can nevertheless succeed in hatching, through adversity. That's what I did. It is a bereavement but also my birth.

Dimensions: 116 x 81cm

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