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"The festival"

Paint, ink and acrylic marker

Dimensions: 40 x 50cm

This painting traces the story of an unborn child and his journey to becoming an adult. Adult, what is an adult? To be serious ? Always silence these precious truths too often killed by reason?

Wouldn't it rather be speaking and acting from your heart, with truth, passion, emotion and authenticity? And what is our reaction to these emotions? This choice will often shape the adult we will become.

How beautiful are these positive emotions that run through us! They lift us up.

The heart expresses itself in this way, the emotions spring up and twirl around in a colourful, luminous festival, an atmosphere of their own. But reason with a sharp eye! Is it possible to find a balance beneficial to each and to oneself?

Yes ; it's an extraordinary journey to let yourself be carried away, on this wonderful journey alongside our emotions!What a relief and what freedom to let reason work together with them, in perfect synergy so that they are, together, a balanced, harmonious and joyful team!

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