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Acrylic paint, acrylic marker
19 - Nebulae.jpg

Dimensions: 60 x 73cm

The universe offers us many magnificent and breathtaking spectacles.


The most beautiful in my opinion are the nebulae, countless and splendid nebulae where stars are born. All different, wonderful, with dazzling colors, with such intriguing and sublime shapes!

It's an infinite world where matter takes shape and is shaped into stars, of different kinds, colors, brilliances, where the different components of the complex universe mingle... 

Nebulae are like fireworks in the dark of space. Nothing is absolutely empty or obscure.


The universe is constantly illuminated by these thousand colors, these dazzling, dazzling flamboyances...

All these explosions of colors and lights amaze me with their splendor, and reflect the great magnificence of the universe.

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