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"Stellar Ocean"

Paint, ink and acrylic marker

37 - Océan stellaire.jpg

Close your eyes, imagine yourself on a boat, in the middle of the peaceful and serene ocean..


Eyes raised to the sky, you admire the starry vault; all this multitude of stars, each one brighter than the other, and with each passing second, your amazed eyes discover a new one, then another, and yet another..


The starry horizon stretches as far as the eye can see and you suddenly realize, as you gaze into the depths of the ocean, that it in turn reflects all the stars offered by this cloudless night.


Suddenly, carried away by this waking dream, the borders are blurred and you find yourself aboard a hot air balloon. Overlooking the ocean, you swim, float among the stars whether in the sky or in the water, whales, rays swim or fly around you, peacefully, quietly.


Nebulous clouds dot your dreamlike journey and you let yourself be carried away in this marvelous dream, this gentle moving whirlwind where sky and sea merge,  which has no border but your imagination, or mine ...

Dimensions: 100 x 100cm

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