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"River Song"

Acrylic paint, acrylic ink

25 - River Song 1.jpg

Dimensions: 40 x 80cm

The sun is setting, but we can't bring ourselves to take our eyes off the sublime horizon facing us:


A sunset, orange-red where we contemplate, amazed, a school of dolphins jumping and diving in the peaceful ocean.


It's as if they didn't want to take their eyes off the sun either, as if to greet it, thank it for having shone, even today.

A last leap, a last dive, as if to play with it one last time, to feel its warmth one last time before night falls, and it awakens other lands with its rays.

From this grandiose spectacle emanates a harmonious melody, flowing like a sparkling river of precious memories, shared with his loved one, and cherished for eternity. 

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