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Acrylic paint, acrylic marker
24 - Saejin.jpg

Dimensions: 54 x 65cm

Saejin is a Korean given name meaning "Pearl of the Universe".

This name corresponds perfectly to this painting where we can see the Sun and the Moon,   eternal dyad of the Korean historical universe. 

This work retraces the paths of these two growing, blossoming stars. Each on his side of the starry vault, seeking each other, reflecting the beauty of the other, dividing the earthly race between day and night. 

For some they are of equal beauty, for their opposite charms seize our hearts with clarity. 

There are times when Sun and Moon meet and come together, eclipsing the beauty of the sky in a furtive embrace.

Wearing their dazzling softness, drawing the contours of our world, both in light and in darkness...

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